Local Bar, Underground Music Venue, Emerging Arts Gallery & Cine Club

photography by Tetsuya Ishikawa

“Jam remains the best art space in Bangkok, dynamic and unpredictable.” — Brian Curtin, Bangkok Post

“The city’s dub, experimental electronic and reggae scenes would be in a much poorer state if not for Jam’s micro-stage. It’s not all anti-mainstream posturing, either; plenty of crowd-friendly indie acts have cut their teeth here, too.” — BK B.A.D. Awards 2017 announces Bangkok’s absolute best bars

“Jam is one of the city’s most enigmatic hangouts” — Carl Dixon, Bandcamp

“A place with a no-compromise arts and music policy” — DJ Dragon, Khaosod English

“Perhaps more than any other venue in town, Jam typifies Bangkok’s diversifying art landscape… a sense of community is forged through weekly events… which provide a stage for the city’s most forward-thinking DJs, acts and live visual artists.” — Cape+Kantary Magazine

“Tiny Bangkok Art Bar Packs Big ‘Jam’ of Culture” — Khaosod English

“One of our favorite live music venues in Bangkok… it always feels personal, with events here having that block party vibe…It’s one of the few places you can go in Bangkok and feel a sense of community, getting to know artists and their music.” — Live Music Tonight BKK

“DIY at its finest, punk rock to the fullest! The vibe is 100 percent underground at Jam.” — DJ Dragon

“An Independent Multidisciplinary Art Venue” — Le Cool Bangkok

“… Unique creative space hidden in a small lane off of bustling Sathorn Road. From underground to grunge to psychedelic, just about every eclectic music form gets represented here, and on the nights when there are no live tunes, you can count on alternative indie film, art exhibitions, talks, and more, not to mention there are burgers, cocktails, and plenty of interesting characters around to keep you busy. If you want to meet independent artists, or are just looking for a down to earth, unpretentious night out, this is the bar for you.” — Dave Stamboulis, 10Best.com