A mixed media show by Brasilian street artist Cece Nobre, 10 November 2012 – 9 January 2013.

Inspired by the artist’s inner circle of friends. Showing an inside look into Bangkok’s street scene through an interflowing art show, film premiere and underground party. From walls to ramps, we show you art isn’t a style, it’s a way of life.

Featuring Sterling Burke, Leandro Tick, Alexface, Shawn Ward, Phai AMP and others.

Film edited by Daniel Brighton, Sasha Toshchev and Levi Adams.


This show is based around the way my friends influence me. Some of them encourage me to be stronger, some encourage me to be humble…others encourage me to be ambitious. Whether we realise it or not, we are constantly influenced by our circle of friends and we find ourselves lucky when our friends push us to be better. In the life of an artist, inspiration is something that comes in many forms. In my life, it’s played out so I’m surrounded by artists and skaters, some of which are at the highest level of skill in Bangkok. The fact that our very nature is rebellious leads to a lot of different qualities that stand out and quite often are entertaining. Our lifestyles and worlds are built by us and define us. We’ve collaborated to work on a film that documents and highlights our skills and environment. And I’ve taken it a step further by capturing it all through my artwork on canvas. At the same time we’re going to be chilling hard. A 3-fold look into our reality: art show, film premiere, and underground party.

Cece Nobre

Is an anthropological artist working in a Tropicalist style. Tropicalism: The belief that traditional forms of art, literature, faith, society, and daily life are out of date and the belief that we must re-examine the cultural aspects of our lives while mixing in other cultures when they offer better solutions. It’s a rejection of blind acceptance of your race, nationality, religion, and culture as superior to others. The result is the realization that we are in a melting pot and instead of following in the footsteps of Western culture, we should work towards finding our own.

Oversaturation of colors, expressive faces, and unqiue spray painting techniques are qualities his work is known for. Cecê Nobre comes from an American mother and Paraguayan father, while he himself is Brasilian. He’s worked and painted in all 3 of those countries as well as Thailand (since late 2010).  Coming from a graffiti background in Rio de Janeiro, he likes to go big and a lot of his paintings are of considerable size.

Cece Nobre in Global Street Art

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Dhyan Ho