FOUND FUSION – Exhibition of Darnuiparnui

Solo exhibition of Darnuiparnui, 15 June – 1 July 2018 at Jam Cafe Bangkok.
Second generation Thai temple builder/artist Darnuiparnui whose psychedelic work denotes ruptures in reality, peeling back layers one by one, revealing other dimensions. This action at first can seem quite violent and confronting. The truth often is. Observing his work is like watching the Universe is exploding in slow motion.


My art is about creating energy movements. I want to communicate and show my inner dimension and my spiritual power of things that I understood, experienced and found in my life such as situations, people and my feeling for such things.

I love to make art. For me, art is fun and free. Art helps me meditate and take me out of this busy, busy world.

Many times that I create my work without sketching. Once I drop the ink and I see the ink goes on its way. I see it’s journey, my idea is on the journey too, which it is the truth I see. I work together with nature. I let nature bring my feeling into the painting and I add my experience or feeling into it.

I do not delete the mistake which happened on my painting but will create more and more from the mistake point to become a new form.



Thai artist Pisit Phuvichaianan was born in Prachinburi province, currently based in Bangkok. Spending his childhood summers in temples, moving from one place to another with his father who was temple builder creating all artwork for temples, sculpturing and decorating. Phuvichaianan later studied Fine and Applied Arts Program in Photography at KMITL (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang). Phuvichaianan now works as an ornate temple decorator, designer, and artist.

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His work is concerned with the truth of life, the law of nature, complexity in human emotion and the Universe.

Dhyan Ho