Some think they’re still honing their skills but may already possess an innate understanding that not all of us have. We chat to Krit Morton from MELA before he leaves for Berlin about the local electronic music scene, his mentor and why he needs to leave to keep learning as a DJ.
MELA has grown from their first art party in the basement of a fondue restaurant just 3 years ago to now having several gigs a week at the most sought after clubs in Bangkok. They have always been interested in the exchange of ideas with music and art. Early on in their journey MELA pulled off a highly ambitious 2-week event at Jam called ‘MELA Spirit Exposure’, involving art installations, live music, performance art, and DJs (see below).
I have been assured by Kova O’ Sarin, Krit’s founding partner in crime that MELA will continue strong even after Krit’s departure from Bangkok.


Why Berlin?

Because I like Berlin’s dance music style and the city is not too big so I can stay in the electronic music scene every day. And improve myself.


So staying in Bangkok you feel you would be limiting your potential as a DJ?



How does the scene in Bangkok compare to Berlin?

For me, it can’t be compared because we never shine our best. It’s not the people’s fault. So many artists, venues, communities, etc. have their dream about making Bangkok as a music and art hub but in terms of law and politics, there are no rules and proper management to protect, develop and understand our visions.

I always believe that we are strong enough to make it happen together.


What are your favourite places to play in Bangkok?

Dark Bar, Sorry I’m Gay, Residence de Canal (my school). It’s all about people who understand and build the vibe together.


How does it feel when a place like Dark Bar closed last week?

I feel only us support each other, no one else.


What is the significance of a place like Residence de Canal and it’s owner p’Tui (Apichart Chaikaew) to you?

It’s an academic place for me, for 3 years I regularly practised at Dickson Culture Café (p’Tui earlier venue) and the new Residence de Canal. The owner p’Tui gives confidence, inspires and advise me a lot to be a good DJ.


Also, I guess a lot of people might not know how much of a seminal figure p’Tui is to the scene in Bangkok, as one of the newer generation of DJs in Bangkok who has learned from him, can you explain?

Soul is the important thing, spirit.

He is a history book of knowledge, from the peak time till lowest time. People will learn that actually a nightclub is not a terrible place but there is so much inspiration, it’s full of vision of music, art and people. You will see people in the underground nightclub are always informed and wise, and the conversations with them will develop your ideas and mind.


When did you decide to pursue music full time?

It’s a kind of get away from the normal system. When I graduated I worked at a restaurant in the UK, I had money to do everything but it’s extremely boring. I always dreamed about being outside the box then I decided to be a DJ, moved back to Thailand and an adventure began until now.


What have been your most memorable night in Bangkok?

The first day that I played in Bangkok, people questioned about music that I presented as a DJ.

‘’How we are going to dance to House or Techno music?’’ From that time I never stop proving it.


Where was the first place you played in Bangkok?

It was our first MELA event at Soi Aree.


What is the concept behind  MELA Clubnacht at Residence de Canal, 10 June?

 …is our rendition of a club night with fellow House / Techno DJs that we have crossed paths throughout MELA’s journey of three years. Including our friends from Subconscious, Fishmonger (Phuket), Electrobacillus, Sirasith Visual, p’Tui, our team, and clubbers.

The nightclub, which we always dream about also push forward and gather

Thai’s underground dance music scene.

Moreover, to help p’Tui build up Residence de Canal as a proper underground music venue.



Dhyan Ho