Psychedelic art exhibition by 2 Bangkok based female artists, Hannah Theodorou and Rachelle Stylo. 20 May – 11 June 2017 at Jam Cafe Bangkok.
Exploring the realms of inner space, pyschogeography and alternate realities.
Stylo – Alternate Realities and Outerwordly Realms
Stylo – Insane Brain Train
Hannah Theodorou – Silom & Beyond



An artist from London; she graduated as an architecture student in 2013 and since then has been playfully engaged in various creative projects. Since living in Asia she has focused mainly on the visual arts and the occasional installation and sculpture. Her main subject focus is psychogeography an architectural theory revolving around mindful awareness of the built environment. Hoping to further her career as an artist Hannah is leaving Bangkok to study in Europe and hopes to return to show more work in the future.

Hannah Theodorou’s Website

PsychoGeographic Journey Through Bangkok

Earlier this year i made this video with a wonderful friend of mine and never posted it as i felt it may have confused people… Today friends pushed me to re-watch this and actually post it! After re-watching i appreciate how beautiful the video is and how (maybe in a slightly confusing fashion) it does explain what PsychoGeography means to me and my interpretation of that is. Although i am constantly finding out more and more about the theory, I normally end up on a wild goose chase of strange and wonderful publications and secret meetings of eccentric scholarly enthusiasts.
This VIDEO however, was me attempting to reconnect with my surrounds in a way that would allow me not to shy away from new experience and would push my walks to the edge! I guess the day all in all was an extremely fun one, I walked for 7 hours on a mission to find only the things that would appear and only interact with those on my path. The path was unknown and decided by paper fortune-tellers which where written by strangers. For me there is nothing more important then to understand in some way the topography of where you are on this earth and what relation of the city has to you personally.
In many ways the city is sly hiding its ugly parts under its skin, commercialisation and the never-ending human endeavour to show wealth is growing the city into a large stage of glass and steel pop up events.
If your interested in know more about psychogeography, lets go for a walk.

The most hugest thanks to Bucket Hat Videos and Mr Curzon xxx

Posted by Hannah Theodorou Art on Thursday, 22 December 2016

Hannah Theodorou – PsychoGeographic Journey Through Bangkok


Hannah Theodorou – City & Sub 01


An illustrator, muralist, art therapist and visual arts educator. She was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the U.S. and has been influenced and exposed to art from as early as she can remember. Stylo is currently residing, exhibiting and working in Bangkok, Thailand.

Stylo has been drawn to Asia from an early age and her motivation to come was sparked by her love of yoga, Buddhism, meditation and scuba diving. Bangkok’s lively attitude and vivacious energy have fed her numerous inspirations from the bright bold colors to the odd and interesting happenings that go on around her every day.

Her process and approach is one of dreams and a detachment from reality. She is a multidisciplinary artist working within painting, drawing, collage, street art, photojournalism and mural art. Stylo is interested in evoking the subconscious mind and how she can project this to her viewers. Her interest lies in luring her viewer’s mind into hers and taking them on a ‘journey’ through time and space continuum.

Stylo’s work reflects her interest in ecological, anatomical, and biological realms. Her work investigates the surreal world, vibrant colors, gestural freedom, and precision of hand and mind. She is drawn to opulent colour and fantasies of whimsical beings. She enjoys presenting a juxtaposition between the reality of the mind and her internal feelings and emotions of her present life and state of being.

Stylo’s surreal world foster’s euphoria and ultimate bliss. Her work is a contemplation of love and loss, finding a new positivity and being in the present within herself. She enjoys presenting a kilter visual world in which she can escape to and immerse herself during troubling times.

Stylo has a MA in Art Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and a BFA in Painting from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Stylo also holds a K-12 Teaching Certification with a minor in Mural/Community Arts.

Stylo’s Website

Stylo – Exploding Minds, Merging Hearts
Stylo – Slugface
Stylo – Underwater Realms
Stylo – Underwater Realms
Stylo – Gypsy Fingers Off
Stylo – Play with My Hair Please
Hannah Theodorou – Outer Space
Hannah Theodorou – Parking at the Space Station
Rachelle Stylo – Mushroom Fields Forever

Hannah Theodorou – Untitled
Stylo – Robots Throwing up Rainbows


Stylo – Laser Dart Eyes

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