MAO MAK MAG 3 – Graham Meyer Photography Zine

11 November – 3 December 2017

Taking over both floors of Jam, Graham Meyer’s photography zine launch party and solo exhibition included over 500 photos, an audio installation and a DIY drunken photo booth. This was our largest exhibition to date at Jam. With the first in the zine series already sold out, MAO MAK MAG 3 was his final offering to the MAO MAK MAG series, a huge body of work capturing drunken nightlife in Bangkok over the last 3 years.

Graham Meyer’s raw, spontaneous photography captures the crux of the moment, whether documenting the Bangkok underground music scene — shooting the first Bandcamp ‘Scene Report’ of Bangkok, or late night shenanigans. He has also played an important role at Jam as our resident photographer, shooting emerging acts, experimental artists, and indie bands.


I am an existential nihilist. I believe there is no reason to exist other than the purpose we give ourselves. Personally, I feel an obsession to take images. I don’t expect my photos to change the world, but I enjoy documenting everything I see — the process and the rush from putting myself in situations for no other reason than because I can. If I’m lucky, I’ll capture a significant piece of someone else’s life.


Bangkok based street photographer originally from Detroit, with an eye for absurdity, grunge, and awkward situations. While studying Graphic Design majoring in Print Production, Meyer got a lot of work shooting electronic music concerts in Washington DC. He soon found he “fell in love with actually capturing images far more than placing them on a page.”

Citing his biggest inspiration as his inner circle of artist friends such as Lee Anantawat, Pisitakun, Asano Ryuhei and Adam Birkan, as well as photographer/illustrator Patrick Tsai for his ability to expose such personal parts of his life with the world, more often than not; the things that most people tend to hide. Unafraid to show what is not just beautiful – “I try to show ‘ugly’ things as well. Ugly moments, uncomfortable or embarrassing things. There’s a bit of sarcasm mixed in as well. It’s a reflection of my personality, even the parts I should be ashamed of.”

Meyer has previously collaborated with American artist James Concannon, and Californian photography zine, Nighted Life 9. His work has been published in C-Type Magazine, The Mankind Diary, Manifold Magazine, and OneGiantArm. He has previously exhibited in Tokyo and Bangkok.
Graham Meyer’s latest photo series Mao Mak Mag 3 makes Bangkok drunkenness art – Coconuts Bangkok

Mao Mak Mag 3 – ZineMao Mak Mag Zine CoverMao Mak Mag Zine inside look Mao Mak Mag Zine inside look 2

If you have a digital camera, there’s always this temptation to review the shot right after taking it, then maybe retake it, then again, and maybe one more time….so the moment is long gone and you’re left with these stale artificial memories. It really kills the mood…Film forces you let go, you take a shot or two and time goes on. You think about the future rather than the past. You can live in the moment much easier and enjoy the experience of whatever it is you’re doing.

—Graham Meyer on why he shoots with film: Photographer Shoots Drunk People Eating & Drinking & Exhibits It – Bangkok Foodies

Mao Mak Mag 3 – Zine Launch & Exhibition Opening Party – 11 November 2017

Mao Mak Mag Exhibition


Closing Party – 3 December 2017

At the end of the night, guests were invited to tear down off the walls any work they wanted to keep in exchange for a small donation.

Dhyan Ho