MY ELEGANT MICROVERSE – David Delgado Exhibition

16 February – 12 March 2017, solo exhibition of Spanish conceptual artist David Delgado. These Geometric paper sculptures inspired by the Dadaist movement, explore our unique place in the universe.

Photography by Sam Freeman

There is not parallel universes. There is only one, and unique universe… but multiply folded!
—David Delgado



I have a skeptical point of view on everything. And a sense about culture and humour that make me feel very close to Dada Art. I am little interested in meaning. My personal quest is to reach to another way of conscience through the visual experience. I want to move the inner chemistry of the viewer.

This series is quite special. If differs a bit from my current work. In most of my work, there are not straight lines because of my hand drawing and painting, my work is non-geometrical at all. This series, despite is still made all by hand, it is very geometric. There is a predominance of straight lines. And also a break of the bi-dimensionality and a break of the quadrature of the paper. These pieces are not simply a composition with the limits of the field of paper. They are, in a certain way, a sort of sculptural works.


Spanish artist. Living in Thailand since two years. Holding a diploma in Graphic and Product Design, with other studies of Photography, Engraving and Illustration. Freelancer in diverse activities, like window-dressing, creating of sets for theater and advertising, creating commercial signs, teaching arts, and organisation and cooperation of art and cultural events. Always combining with his personal main job; painting. And also researching in other art forms like installation, sculpture and most recently video-art.

With exhibitions in cities including Barcelona (Spain) Neuchâtel (Switzerland) Los Angeles (US) and Bangkok. His video art work has been featured as part of the Bangkok Underground Film Festival 2017.

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