Pokchat Worasub’s first solo photography exhibition, 21 March – 18 April 2015 at Jam.

Pokchat’s compelling juxtapositions of the naked human body against barren and industrial landscapes are often anything but glamorous.



The pictures are mostly about people, focusing on girls. These unidentified girls have their own characters and uniqueness but share one thing in common which is expressing their deep down desires. The locations I chose the wrecked and abandoned places where nobody really realised that there are beauties underneath. I am attracted by contrasts. I find attractive abandoned places where we can see chaos, warehouses where the fragility of the body could contrast with the power of the machines and the place and so on.

photo by Kathi Pear

Thai artist, lives and works in Bangkok. Works primarily as a freelance photographer and interior stylist. Her body of artistic work is concerned about body language which Pokchat sees as ‘natural choreography created by emotions’. Having completed her Bachelor degree of Communication Art and Design at Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang in 2008, she has since exhibited throughout Thailand and more recently completing her Masters of Visual Arts at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology in 2014. This is Pokchat’s first solo show.


Pokchat Worasub’s Website

Introducing Pokchat Worasub – Aserica

Final call for Pokchat Worasub’s exhibition at Jam – Coconuts Bangkok

❝Everyone has their own body language. It’s like a natural choreography created by emotions: some are shy, stressed, others are extravagant, or even excited by their own body language in new situations, in front of the lens. I want to capture these unexpected results. It’s an intimate relationship between someone discovering his own body language and my desire to reveal it…

—Pokchat Worasub, Gallery + Q&A: Young artist Pokchat puts women’s naked bodies where they don’t belong. BK Magazine interview.


Dhyan Ho